Meal Plan – May 3, 2015

Going shopping today, here’s the meals planned for this week:

Ranch Chicken with Potatoes and Green Beans – New Recipe  Sunday plans changed in between doing my meal plan and actually shopping.  Fiance’s BFF spent the night and ended up hanging out all day Sunday – which ended up meaning pizza for dinner.  With 2 other new recipes on the list for this week, this will be postponed.  Maybe next week?

Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes and a side Caesar Salad – new recipe that didn’t end up getting to last week – that’ll happen occasionally where a busy night or excessive amounts of leftovers (beyond even what we’d bring to work) will alter the plan a bit.

Leftover Burritos with Chips and Salsa  – Cinco de Mayo this week means Mexican food will be a must.  Last week’s leftover burritos or quesadillas was quesadillas for both Fiance and I so there’s still plenty of burritos to go around.

Two Timin’ Pasta with Broccoli and Breadsticks – a regular around here

Bacon BBQ Meatballs served on a roll with side Baked Beans and Salad – new recipe

Cheesesteaks with a side salad – Another regular for busy nights, just Steak-Ums with cheese on a roll

Whole lot of new recipes and some old favorites this week. Should be good.


2 responses to “Meal Plan – May 3, 2015

    • Yes we have one but I’m not much of a fan. I really just need to work on my timing I think. Like If a recipe says 7-8 hrs on low, figuring out where in that rather large gap of time is really going to be best.

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