New Year’s Resolution

I am absolutely awful at this. I know I am.  I always try new recipes but when it comes to actually sitting down and typing – it only takes a few minutes- but still ends up never happening.

Well I decided to start my New Year’s Resolution on February 2nd.  January 1 would have been difficult. A couple weeks ago, we had a 17-hour each way road trip for a wedding and I wasn’t going to pretend to eat well for that.  Then the Super Bowl so quickly after.  Wasn’t going to go well if I tried to eat healthy for the first month – like just about every person in America, I’m hoping to lose weight in the new year.  The first week of healthy eating has gone well – making healthier eating choices, lost a couple pounds, and 3 gym trips in-between twice a week dance classes.

I’d really like to try updating this more regular in the “New Year” too.

I guess we’ll see how long each of these resolutions last.


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