Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy

After not using my Christmas slow cooker for more than a month after getting it, here’s a second slow cooker recipe I tried within the last week:


Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy

The idea for this came from right over here. This blog has a load of recipes on it – a bunch of which I’ve repinned on Pinterest and intend on trying eventually so I suggest heading over there.



2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast

1 jar chicken gravy

1 can cream of chicken soup

salt and pepper to taste



Spray slow cooker with a non-stick spray.  Put chicken into cooker. Mix gravy and soup and pour over chicken.  Cook on low for 8 hours.  Serve over potatoes or pasta if desired.



So after my last slow cooker adventure where I learned my cooker might over cook stuff some, I decided to check out how my chicken was doing after 7 1/2 hours instead of the full 8.  I checked with a meat thermometer and the temperature was a-ok.  But the color was still pinkish and that had me nervous so I checked with the thermometer about 100 times.  After I guess it was the 100th time, I turned to the inter webs and learned a valuable lesson – pink chicken is not necessarily undercooked chicken.  A meat thermometer was about $5 at my local food store and I got it especially for when I got the slow cooker.  With some recipes I’ve seen saying to cook for between 6-8 hours, I wanted the assurance that whatever I make wasn’t going to get me sick and in this case – I’m really glad I had it.

I served with some Betty Crocker instant creamy butter mashed potatoes and ShopRite brand frozen green beans.  I’m not usually a big meat with gravy, potatoes and veggie cooker – opting usually for something more pasta related.  But this was nice.

Boyfriend said he liked it and that it was worth doing again.  It’ll probably get added into our rotation every so often.  Particularly times like now – with loads of cold and snow in the Northeast when coming home to have a nice warm meal in your stomach is just what is needed.


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