New Years

I haven’t forgotten about this, I promise.

In the pre-holiday hustle and bustle, life has been a little wacky.  All the running around meant that food was more often than usual of the fast variety, either cooked by the wonderful chain industries or the tried and true favorites that I don’t bother recounting here.  My mind’s been so frantically pulled up in that bustle that even reading hasn’t happened as much – I’ve been attempting to read Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales for about a month now.  They’re good but since they’re short tales I’ll read a single 1 here or there and there’s nothing to pull me into continuing – none of that “just 1 more chapter, just stay up for 1 more chapter” that usually hooks me.

I got loads of goodies for my kitchen (including a crock pot and george foreman grill) and a sewing machine for Christmas which I’ve gotta figure out how to use so I’m sure that’ll be an adventure.  I’ve also got notes on a craft project I did a few weeks ago but wasn’t posting about until after the holidays since someone (*cough*rachael*cough*) often reads this and didn’t want her seeing her Christmas present before I gave it to her 🙂

I’ll get back into the swing of things at some point.  For right now though –

Happy happy holidays and a very happy new year.


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