Oh hi.

So I had (have) a Blogger site by the same name (makenomsnotbombs.blogspot.com) where I’ve been keeping track of any recipes I try, crafts I attempt, comments on books I’ve read, or whatever else. I pretty much just wrote my posts and that was it, didn’t really wonder around the site.  Until I was bored over the weekend.  That’s when I learned – it’s damn near impossible to find other blogspots to follow.   It seemed like my options were google search or getting a google plus profile to in anyway connect with other people.  And unlike this lovely publicize button I’m seeing to my right – the only way to connect to pinterest or such was to go at it through pinterest, seemed like an unnecessary step to me particularly when an alternative site can do it much easier.

I’ve looked some about Blogger v WordPress. A lot of the pros I saw were for more professional blogs than what I am and will likely ever be.  I’m just looking to store recipes I’ve tried and my thoughts on them electronically – but if I can connect a bit better to finding more ideas easier, even better.

So here I am. I’m going to try to transfer everything from there to here. For a while I may update both while I decide which to use permanently.

We shall see.


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