Chicken Bruschetta Pasta

This isn’t so much a recipe as a item review.

With Boyfriend’s wiffleball on Mondays (fall seasons done but he’s prolly starting the winter league in January), my dance Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and $1 off Thursdays at the Laundromat, our weekdays are typically pretty crazy.  I try to cook real food rather than rely on fast food or delivery so something that I can make really quickly is pretty appealing to me.  I know I’ve mentioned the Kraft Fresh Take bread crumbs and cheese before and I’ve also used Hamburger Helper occasionally.  Well I recently saw the Kraft also has Recipe Makers and the other day, we tried the Chicken Bruschetta Pasta recipe maker.

Picture from Kraft’s website

The box has directions on it and they’re really simple.  Boil up some pasta to al dente.  Cook chicken in half of the first of two sauces – the “Simmer Sauce”.  Add the pasta to the skillet with the remainder of the Simmer Sauce.  Add the Finishing Sauce on top with some parmesan cheese, cook just a few more minutes to heat throughout.  About 20 minutes total.  Easy as pie.

The Simmer sauce was really good – it was a zesty garlic sauce that was really enjoyable on the chicken and pasta (I tried some prior to the Finishing Sauce).  The Finishing Sauce though – the Bruschetta – I didn’t enjoy as much.  It was pretty acidic and gave me bad heartburn; that doesn’t happen to me often or easily so it’s got to be pretty bad to make me feel that way.

I’ll probably try other of the Recipe Makers at some point.  As I’m sure I’ve said earlier, I like low key recipes like this so it’s probably worth trying the other varieties. I may even get this one again and just give more of the Finishing Sauce Bruschetta to Boyfriend and keep the simmer sauce for me.


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